Wine-growing, climate change and Scottsdale AZ

April 20th, 2013 suvinowineryaz

The climate is changing. The environment is transforming before our very eyes. Although there will always be a heated debate concerning climate change, we must consider the possibility that something dire is happening. If recent erratic storms are any indication, we should prepare ourselves for the worst. While not as significant as other effects, climate change will affect wine vineyards all across the world. Cherish those bottles of Burgundy you are accustomed to because they could be in short supply.


In the article, “Wine-growing regions could shift, climate change study says,” Mary MacVean of the Los Angeles Times writes, “The researchers say they expected a “major global redistribution of suitability” for wine grape-production regions. […] This could be that wine grape production moves from regions such as Mediterranean France to higher latitudes.” In the coming years, we may witness a winemaker exodus, as they leave France and Italy for “greener” pastures.


Winemakers will have to adjust depending on the changing climate. Winemaking is a precise art. The quality of the grapes depends on many factors such as soil minerals, acidity, harvest time, pruning methods and so forth. There are, however, extraneous circumstances that are ultimately out of a winemaker’s hands. The weather, for starters. For quality grapes, temperature and precipitation have to be “just right.” If by chance the temperature is off by a few degrees, the grapes will be lacking and the wine essentially nonexistent. Therefore, climate change is a wildcard in the equation.


Presently, winemakers will still toil away in classic winemaking regions like France, Italy and Spain, but researchers predict a a change-up in wine-growing regions. Northern Europe, New Zealand and Western United States may be the biggest producers of the world’s wine. As a Scottsdale winery, it is certainly interesting to envision the American West as the dominant winemaking region in the world!


For more information on the study, you can find MacVean’s article here.


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I will now leave you with a video for the song “All the Wine” by The National.


As Matt Berninger sings, “And all the wine is all for me.”


*Video courtesy of ZubKultura

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