Wine and college football?

December 27th, 2012 suvinowineryaz

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When one thinks of wine, one doesn’t often think of college sports or the college experience in general.  Movies typically don’t portray frat boys drinking bottles of delicious Zinfandel.  Outside of the professor and his refined palette – the college experience, for the most part, seems to be a wine-less one.  Additionally, wine doesn’t have a huge presence within the four major American sports.  You don’t see tailgaters chugging from decanters full of Pinot Noir.  This, however, may soon change.


Wine and college football?We now offer college team accessories, just in time for the BCS!  You can purchase an Alabama “A” Crimson bottle stopper, for example, and use it while watching AJ McCarron and the Crimson Tide battle Manti Te’o and the Fighting Irish in the BCS National Championship.  These accessories combine someone’s love of fine wine with his or her love of the college experience and the pigskin.  Although Christmas has passed us by, these accessories make great gifts for a lover of both wine and college football.


Wine could certainly use an injection of a football fan’s rugged enthusiasm.  All kinds of people drink and enjoy wine, not just those who make six figure salaries.  Similarly, the college football experience could be a bit more refined.  You can love football and still have a glass of wine with someone and discuss an art exhibit.   Why limit yourself?  We tend to put ourselves into cliques and niches.  Enjoy a nice glass of wine and take in a BCS game!


New Year’s Eve is coming up.  You should stock your wine cabinet…


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