When Wine Consumption is Up, Violent Crime is Down

April 25th, 2014 suvinowineryaz

Recent studies have just put together a bizarre factoid that will make wine lovers everywhere smile ear to ear. Wine consumption and violent crime rates are related. When wine consumption is up, violent crime is down and vice versa.


The Pearson correlation coefficient (R) for rates in the U.S. for the last 30 years is -0.9139 and the maximum negative correlation is -1. In France the correlations is even tighter, coming in at -0.9599.


Of course, correlation doesn’t prove causality. And the factors that should connect these two graphs – like a strong middle class – don’t always connect the dots. At the moment, all scientists can postulate is that it’s rather difficult to exhibit aggressive behavior while enjoying a bottle of Merlot.


This data brings up some interesting implications for how wine is viewed, particularly in the U.S. In the media, wine is often still portrayed as something a little wicked, though The Today Show will occasionally do a positive segment on wine.


According to last year’s Gallup poll, 39% of American adults claim to not drink alcohol of any type. This is the highest recorded claim in the last 15 years. NBC recently ran a story that touted the dangers of women binge drinking wine (any more than four glasses in a night). The claim was that women were consuming wine during play dates with children, and that this was a serious issue becoming more and more prevalent in the last ten years.


We don’t know why, but the numbers don’t lie. As we drink more wine, we perpetuate less violent crime. When enjoyed in appropriate quantities, wine is not the wicked beverage it is portrayed as in our media.


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Source: http://palatepress.com/2014/04/wine/surprising-connection-wine-violent-crime/


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