The Life of an Expert Winemaker

January 17th, 2014 suvinowineryaz

Scottsdale AZ wineriesThe life of an expert winemaker often looks like it was ripped from the pages of an adventure novel. Traveling to far-flung lands in search of the perfect ingredients brings a winemaker to the furthest corners of our globe. A close knowledge of grapes and barrel wood also requires an intimate relationship with the land.


For some, the search for the perfect wine becomes a massive hunt, and a winemaker becomes something more like a master tracker than a purveyor of alcohol. Take, for example, the story of Pierre Seillan, a Bordeaux winemaker. As this article published by Forbes clearly shows, he follows an interesting sixth sense that helps him craft a better bottle from the barrel up.


Seillan can be found in his wine travels experimenting with the various ingredients that interest him, even smelling staves of aged wood that wine barrels are constructed of. His 47 years of experience as a winemaker has taught him to understand the nuances that wooden barrels can impart into wine. He even understands the different characteristics that can be found in wood coming from a specific forest.


Even choosing the wood going into his wine barrels brings Seillan to foreign locales and exotic woodland settings. Pierre travels often between Bordeaux, Gascony, California and many other wine capitals of the world to get close to the very basic building blocks of his wines.


Perfect winemaking is all about getting to know the ingredients on a primal, intimate level. A master winemaker like Seillan is an inspiration to the many winery artisans found across the globe. It’s hard work to ensure a superior bottle of wine, but it’s worthwhile work.


Here at the Su Vino Winery, we understand that the subtle details of wine crafting can make the biggest difference in the finished product. Make sure to browse our inventory to learn about the finest wines we have available from our Arizona winery. We also provide many special gift wine collections and accessories.



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