Wine Sold in Cartons?

Wine drinkers are loathe to consider drinking their favorite vintage out of anything other than glass. There are some aficionados who wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a fine merlot out of a plastic cup. Sales of boxed wine are always fairly strong, but these wines are often considered to be cheaper or of lesser quality. […]

The United States Wine Industry

The international wine industry is expected to garner over $292 billion this year. That will bring the market volume up to 22.1 billion liters, a 3.5% increase in the last five years. The European Union is still the leading contributor to the wine market, controlling 75% of shares.   That being said, Kriter Patriarche is […]

Generation Y? More Like Generation Wine

As it turns out, Millennials are drinking nearly six times as much wine as Americans 82 and over (the WWII generation). Which is a great sign for the wine industry, as we’re fostering a consumer base that hopefully will remain loyal for the rest of their lives.   Last year alone Americans consumed 297 million […]

The Life of an Expert Winemaker

The life of an expert winemaker often looks like it was ripped from the pages of an adventure novel. Traveling to far-flung lands in search of the perfect ingredients brings a winemaker to the furthest corners of our globe. A close knowledge of grapes and barrel wood also requires an intimate relationship with the land. […]