Spring-cleaning and your bottles of wine?

April 3rd, 2013 suvinowineryaz

Spring clean your bottles of wineSpring has arrived to raucous cheers. Many people either are in the midst of spring cleanings or will be in the coming weeks. Did you know that you should also clean out your caches of champagne and wine in the spring? Look at your bottles of wine. How do they look? Do they look battered? Older wines are not for everyone. When was the last time you looked through your liquor cabinet?


In the article, “Time to do some spring cleaning of your wine stash,” Pamela S. Busch of the SF Examiner writes, “Granted, we all have different threshold for older wines, and I even like a hint of oxidation in some of my white and sparkling wines. However, when the wine is altered beyond recognition and the finish is nonexistent, it is time for the 21-gun salute.” Although perhaps a bit overdramatic, Busch’s words are wise and worth consideration.


The inspiration for Busch’s article was when her great-aunt asked her to inspect her liquor cabinet. Outside of hard liquor, there were bottles of wine and champagne collected over the past fifty years. Various bottles of champagne were dead and disposed of. The recycling box was like a champagne cemetery ! Many of the bottles of wine were “not aging with grace” and Busch regrets that she did not open them sooner. She writes, “I urge everyone who has even a few bottles of wine lying around to do a little spring cleaning.”


Some wine lasts, others not so much. Chardonnays and pinot noirs, for example, begin to self-destruct after just a couple of years. The moral of the story? Drink your wine when it is brimming with life. If you are not a collector of antiques and relics, it is best to drink up while the taste is still there.


Speaking of taste, we are excited for the upcoming Tempe Art & Wine Festival. On April 5-7th, Su Vino Winery will be one of 14 wineries participating in the festival. The festival is a celebration of fine arts and wine, two things that keep many of us going. It will be magic for the head, heart and tongue! Below is some information:

Dates & Times: Fri-Sun, April 5-7th, 11 AM-6 PM

Tickets: $15 per person

Location: 7th Street, just West of Mill Avenue – Tempe, Arizona


If you are in the area, please join us and if you have a liquor cabinet, give it the once over!


For Busch’s article, please look here.


*Image courtesy of George Hodan

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