Red, red wine and the testosterone train

January 24th, 2013 suvinowineryaz

Red, red wine and the testosterone train

Within moderation, there are many health benefits to drinking red wine.  Did you know that it also benefits testosterone levels?


Most people do not associate testosterone with wine.  Outside of the occasional image of Ernest Hemingway drinking from a bottle of wine, wine is not typically a representative of alpha masculinity.  It is, in other words, not testosterone-y enough.  That image, however, may soon change.


According to new research, courtesy of Nutrition Journal, red wine could increase testosterone levels.  Testosterone exits the body when UGT2B17 attaches to the hormone, enabling urine to transport it.  It is like a testosterone train and tough to stop.  In certain cases, red wine acts as an inhibitor.


The study states, “Considering the variety of foodstuffs that contain flavonoids, it is feasible that diet can elevate levels of circulating testosterone through reduction in urinary excretion.” In other words, a couple glasses of red wine can keep testosterone flowing in the body.


Purchase a bottle of red wine today from Su Vino Winery and help transform your body into a testosterone prison; the testosterone will not be able to escape.  The next time you uncork that bottle of Malbec or Bella Rosa, know that your testosterone may be getting a little bump.  Let it carry you through the adventurous night!


Perhaps now – people will view drinking red wine as a “hard-nosed” activity, like Manifest Destiny or boxing.


For more information on the study, look here.


*Image courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration Electronic Records Archives Program

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