Presenting a Wine the Right Way

June 24th, 2014 suvinowineryaz

Just as important as buying the right wine for the right occasion is presenting a wine the right way. With the help of, we have put together a systematic guide to a basic wine service. This is the wine service used by wait staff and sommeliers, so adjustments may be needed for private events.


First, present the wine, label out, to the guest who ordered the bottle and verbalize the year, producer and type of wine. After they have accepted the wine, use the blade of your wine key to cut foil top just below the second lip of the bottle. Put the foil in a pocket, not on the table. Use a clean rag to wipe any residue off the cork of the bottle.


Next, use your corkscrew to remove the cork. This takes practice, but the process is simple. Insert the screw at a forty-five degree angle to the cork and quickly straighten the cork while twisting clockwise. Twist the corkscrew, leaving one or two screws showing out of the cork, and use the lever of the wine key to leverage out the cork. This should be completed without ever putting the bottle on the table.


Wipe the lip of the bottle and then pour a small amount of wine into the host’s glass to taste. After they approve, serve the oldest woman at the table first, always from the right, and move to the youngest woman. Then you can serve the other guests, ending with the host.


If it’s a red wine, leave the bottle on the table within reach of the host. If it’s a white wine, put the bottle in a wine bucket.


When you’re ready to try your hand at wine service, contact Su Vino Winery to order a personalized bottle to start!



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