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February 17th, 2014 suvinowineryaz

millennial wineAs it turns out, Millennials are drinking nearly six times as much wine as Americans 82 and over (the WWII generation). Which is a great sign for the wine industry, as we’re fostering a consumer base that hopefully will remain loyal for the rest of their lives.


Last year alone Americans consumed 297 million cases of wine. That 1.5 million more cases than last year. A slow growth, but a promising one, especially with the recent decrease in popularity in flavored vodkas. 12 million were finished off by the WWII generation; the Swing generation (aged 69-81), purchased 30 million cases; the Boomers (aged 50-68), drank 44 million; Gen X-ers (aged 38-49) consumed 44 million cases as well; and Millienials (aged 20-38) got through a whopping 70 million cases of wine in 2013.


Budget wine – bottles priced at less than $10 a bottle – controlled 47% of the market, with high-end wine – priced at more than $20 per bottle caught the attention of 30% of consumers.


Surprisingly, the survey noted that while Boomers controlled the market for high-frequency consumption, Millenials bought the highest end wines in 2013.


As for grape variety, red wines seem to be the fastest growing market, followed by whites, while blushes just trail those statistics.  Regionally, the American west is controlling the market right now, with Californians being the number 1 consumers with Washington residents coming in at number 2 and Oregonians in third.


Sluggish growth is still positive growth for our consumer base. And with sale of spirits starting to lag behind, wine is on the rise. Su Vino Winery is looking to follow the trends and meet the needs of our consumers by offering personalized quality products perfect for wedding gifts, company favors and personal use.





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