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October 24th, 2014 suvinowineryaz


There is no better thing to see than when wine breaks all the social boundaries between people. As much as it might be lauded as something you see people drink at fancy get-togethers, everyone over twenty-one can drink wine, and it isn’t that expensive, but most of all it is a great thing to drink for celebrations. This is what makes wine able to break the boundaries between social classes; from the doctors to the janitors, if there is a social function with wine you can find people enjoying themselves and talking with anyone and everyone.


It gets even better when the love of wine is involved. If everyone having a drink happens to love wine and they aren’t just drinking it because it is there, then you can even create a situation where discussing wine can actually bring people together. Even something as simple as what wine is someone’s favorite can spark a conversation into which colors and flavors tend to be the best. Even just a split down the line from white and red wines can make things interesting.


You can even turn some of this conversation into a full-on wine game! Blindfold someone, then pour some tastes and have people taste it without seeing it and see if they can figure out which kinds of wine it is. It’s a simple game, and it can provide tons of fun while also opening the eyes of people there who might be a little snootier with their wines, or often say they only like one particular wine.


And all of this ties into one simple thing. When it comes to wine, often times the atmosphere and conversation are just as important as the wine itself. You could love a wine one day, and hate it the next all because of the situation you were exposed to it. It seems crazy, but atmosphere can decide the fate of wine more often than the actual taste does, because taste is relative.


So get out there and enjoy your wine by mixing it with fun and conversations!



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