Drink and Enjoy the Conversation


  There is no better thing to see than when wine breaks all the social boundaries between people. As much as it might be lauded as something you see people drink at fancy get-togethers, everyone over twenty-one can drink wine, and it isn’t that expensive, but most of all it is a great thing to […]

Celebrating for Wine

In the world of celebrations, wine is often a go-to in a number of areas, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, and plenty of more. But in those instances, wine is secondary, and it should be for those occasions because the focus of the celebration is on someone or something else, such as a couple or a […]

Presenting a Wine the Right Way


Just as important as buying the right wine for the right occasion is presenting a wine the right way. With the help of Bpotter.hubpages.com, we have put together a systematic guide to a basic wine service. This is the wine service used by wait staff and sommeliers, so adjustments may be needed for private events. […]

Generation Y? More Like Generation Wine

As it turns out, Millennials are drinking nearly six times as much wine as Americans 82 and over (the WWII generation). Which is a great sign for the wine industry, as we’re fostering a consumer base that hopefully will remain loyal for the rest of their lives.   Last year alone Americans consumed 297 million […]

The Life of an Expert Winemaker

The life of an expert winemaker often looks like it was ripped from the pages of an adventure novel. Traveling to far-flung lands in search of the perfect ingredients brings a winemaker to the furthest corners of our globe. A close knowledge of grapes and barrel wood also requires an intimate relationship with the land. […]

Spring-cleaning and your bottles of wine?

Spring has arrived to raucous cheers. Many people either are in the midst of spring cleanings or will be in the coming weeks. Did you know that you should also clean out your caches of champagne and wine in the spring? Look at your bottles of wine. How do they look? Do they look battered? […]

Red, red wine and the testosterone train

Within moderation, there are many health benefits to drinking red wine.  Did you know that it also benefits testosterone levels?   Most people do not associate testosterone with wine.  Outside of the occasional image of Ernest Hemingway drinking from a bottle of wine, wine is not typically a representative of alpha masculinity.  It is, in […]

Wine and college football?

Welcome to Su Vino Winery!  How was your Christmas?   When one thinks of wine, one doesn’t often think of college sports or the college experience in general.  Movies typically don’t portray frat boys drinking bottles of delicious Zinfandel.  Outside of the professor and his refined palette – the college experience, for the most part, […]