Arizona Wine Harvest Season

August 21st, 2014 suvinowineryaz

Here in the state of Arizona we’re nearing harvest time, which is one of the best times to get to know a region’s particular vintage. Su Vino Winery. wants to pass along some information to its blog readers about a unique way to learn about all the fabulous wines that the Southwest has to offer.


As this article published by The City Sun Times discusses, the early fall is a time of year which is full of wine tasting festivals in Arizona. Ours is not the first region that springs to the mind of the wine consumer, but the varieties that are produced in the state of Arizona are delicious, taking advantage of the area’s natural resources for grape growing.


The extreme changes in elevation experienced across the vast Arizona countryside lends itself to a very long harvest season. The middle of August will be the start of the season for lower elevations, such as those surrounding the city of Tucson. The harvest should continue deep into October, when the last grapes in the higher elevations of the state will be ready to pick.


The rainy weather which supports the grape crop in Arizona started late in 2014, but many wineries are reporting that production levels should still be well above average. Some are even expecting a surplus from the bounty of grapes that they’ll grow.


For those interested in coming to our state and learning more about a developing wine region, a list of festivals, wine tastings and other events is maintained by the Arizona Wine Growers Association. We’ll also be welcoming guests to our headquarters here at Su Vino Winery. Call us if you plan on visiting the Scottsdale area to find out about any wine tastings or other events, which we may be hosting during your stay.



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