Arizona Grape Harvest

October 13th, 2014 suvinowineryaz

Su Vino Winery wants to let the world know about the amazing vintages that are produced each and every year here in our cozy corner of the southwest United States. Arizona wines have been gaining a lot of notoriety with wine aficionados recently and our state is full of patrons who enjoy sampling this local product.


This year has been a particularly good one for winemakers in our region of Arizona. As this article published by CITYSunTimes discusses, the end of the grape growing season in October of this year has resulted in one of the largest harvests in recent memory. As the president of the AZ Wine Growers Association, Peggy Fiandaca, writes in the above article, which makes this year a great time to visit local wineries and learn more about the winemaking process.


Now is the time of year when wineries are preparing their harvests to be turned into a variety of reds, wines, blushes and more. Often included in a wine tasting or a facility tour is a look into the wine production process, and this is the time of year when many crucial steps are taken to turn a vineyard into a bottle of delicious wine.


Many wine events in the coming weeks will help locals and tourists alike learn more about the bourgeoning wine industry in this region. The Willcox Wine Country Fall Festival, the Festival at the Farm and many other celebrations in the coming month will make Arizona a favored destination for wine connoisseurs of all types from all over the world.


If you’re looking to sample the best wines that Arizona has to offer, Su Vino Winery has a variety that will perfectly suit your taste buds. From kegged wines to wine baskets, we have a number of ways to enjoy the delightful red wines, white wines, dessert wines and more produced at our winemaking facilities.



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