Drink and Enjoy the Conversation


  There is no better thing to see than when wine breaks all the social boundaries between people. As much as it might be lauded as something you see people drink at fancy get-togethers, everyone over twenty-one can drink wine, and it isn’t that expensive, but most of all it is a great thing to […]

Arizona Grape Harvest


Su Vino Winery wants to let the world know about the amazing vintages that are produced each and every year here in our cozy corner of the southwest United States. Arizona wines have been gaining a lot of notoriety with wine aficionados recently and our state is full of patrons who enjoy sampling this local […]

Could the Climate Change Ruin Wine?


Whether you believe the climate is changing or not, the one thing we know for sure is that it is getting hotter in a lot of areas, and because of that we are seeing some major changes to the way wine is and the way it was only even thirty years ago. For the longest […]

Archaeological Industrial Winery


Only a few days ago archeologists in Ramat Bet Shemesh of Israel uncovered a Byzantine era site that has the inklings of an industrial level winery and olive oil factory. Although it looks nothing like our modern era oil and wine factories, especially with most of the walls missing, it houses a number of oil […]

Celebrating for Wine

In the world of celebrations, wine is often a go-to in a number of areas, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, and plenty of more. But in those instances, wine is secondary, and it should be for those occasions because the focus of the celebration is on someone or something else, such as a couple or a […]

Arizona Wine Harvest Season


Here in the state of Arizona we’re nearing harvest time, which is one of the best times to get to know a region’s particular vintage. Su Vino Winery. wants to pass along some information to its blog readers about a unique way to learn about all the fabulous wines that the Southwest has to offer. […]

Presenting a Wine the Right Way


Just as important as buying the right wine for the right occasion is presenting a wine the right way. With the help of Bpotter.hubpages.com, we have put together a systematic guide to a basic wine service. This is the wine service used by wait staff and sommeliers, so adjustments may be needed for private events. […]

Cheap and Cheerful Wine


Do you prefer big, in-your-face wines? On the other hand, do lighter wines get your gears turning? The beautiful thing about wine is that there’s something for everyone; you literally have your pick of the litter – red, white, French, German, swampy, airy, etc. The list is, well, exhaustive. And with trends in wine coming […]

When Wine Consumption is Up, Violent Crime is Down

Recent studies have just put together a bizarre factoid that will make wine lovers everywhere smile ear to ear. Wine consumption and violent crime rates are related. When wine consumption is up, violent crime is down and vice versa.   The Pearson correlation coefficient (R) for rates in the U.S. for the last 30 years […]

Wine Sold in Cartons?

Wine drinkers are loathe to consider drinking their favorite vintage out of anything other than glass. There are some aficionados who wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a fine merlot out of a plastic cup. Sales of boxed wine are always fairly strong, but these wines are often considered to be cheaper or of lesser quality. […]